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2023's Logs

Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
Act 1 June 30th, 2023 (Backscene set pre-Game Opening) A normal trip to Osa-P Jewelry takes a turn when Naru and Usagi discover Osa-P is having their first ever sale. At the same time, Usagi has a fateful encounter with a Mysterious(ly Uncool) Guy in Radiant Heart Academy's uniform - or at least, her failed test has a fateful encounter with his head, leading the two to butt heads for the first of many times to come. And later that night: the Moon Shines Bright, when Sailor Moon takes to the stage to rescue the Osaka family! It's a terrifying night to be a new magical girl, but good thing Hematite's there to encourage her!
Title Date Scene Summary
In the Wake of a Cat-astrophe July 31st, 2023 Nurse Setsuna conducts a wellness check on one Usagi Tsukino, and encountering a recovering Luna leads the nurse and secret senshi to only one conclusion.
Sunbreaker Goes Camping July 31st, 2023 Sunbreaker goes to a nice, relaxing day of energy draining at a local park. Some sparkleskirts(Amy Faust, Yellow Pearl Voice and Cure Sunny) get involved and end up ruining her day! Also, they hit her with her own bear. Who DOES that?!
Evening Snacking July 31st, 2023 Norie Okana as La Crima tries to feed at Radiant Heart Academy. Magical girls try to stop her and... help her? What is this madness.
Like Rain On Your Wedding Day July 30th, 2023 CW: Animal Injury. A star named Luna lights up two lives in exchange for her own.
(Not) A Good Plan July 30th, 2023 Desperate for energy after hearing about the Midnight Tokyo plan, Riventon decides to attack the mall without backup. Several magical warriors stand up to oppose him, while many civilian characters get drained.
Walk in the park July 30th, 2023 Chiyo, Coco and Hinoiri all run into each other at the park's zoo... And have some of the weirdest conversations.
Another Text Conversation July 30th, 2023 In which Chiyo reaches out to Koji to clear the air and to find context.
Phone A... Friend July 30th, 2023 With worries piling up far beyond her ability to do something about them, Rashmi turns to the only other mahou she knows for help. Getting his attention, turns out, is the hard part. Everyting after that? A lot easier.
A Saturday of Flowers July 29th, 2023 Ikiko, Tori, and Norie meet, and it is discovered that dark energy is spikier than roses, and ghosts can be more visible than expected...
It's Totally A Date July 29th, 2023 A simple date night ends with feelings, the oddities of magic turning someone into a girl, and a first for Amy. SLEEPOVER!
Hey Adora July 29th, 2023 Adora and Catra, both hurting and alone, encounter each other in an abandoned amusement park. But something is wrong... and they aren't on the same side anymore.
Bad News Brigade July 28th, 2023 Usagi takes a moment to catch Ikiko up on what she knows. The conversation is good for both of them (even if Usagi still can't believe Ikiko wants to volunteer for more school. With *Luna!*)
Girl's Night Out July 28th, 2023 Hosshiwa and Scorn have a teaparty to bond over defeats at the hands of Cures and Magical Girls. Magical Girls and Cures defeat them! (Cure Wukong, Cure Daybreak, Yellow Pearl Voice, The Red Princess and Snow Angel Mou Fubuki!)
Day Drinking July 28th, 2023 Listen, sixteen is the legal drinking age in some countries. It's fine.
Never boring at RHA July 28th, 2023 Naru comes to Kyouka with a few questions after the mall 'explosion'.
Texting with Wako-chan 1 July 28th, 2023 Following the events of Black-Hearted, Usagi turns to the first person she thinks will understand: Wako. After all, with Jadeite after Naru, she's got to spill the beans, right?
Birth of the (Cure) Sun(ny) July 28th, 2023 Oh no! Lamya has showed up to volleyball practice and mayhem ensues! There are magical girls on site, but they get all tangled up! It's up to Akane to discover her destiny as Cure Sunny and save the day!
You and Me and - the Catra In the Room July 27th, 2023 Chiyo's got questions after her 'borrowed' dress turns back into her old one in the drycleaners - and Usagi doesn't particularly want to give answers. And hey, what's Catra doing in the background there...?
I Committed Teamwork! July 27th, 2023 CW: Horror, blood, self-harm, past animal death. Hematite and Pyrite have a cheery post-battle check-in! They talk about friends, killing, monsters, and ducky swimsuits.
Take a Step Back July 27th, 2023 Hematite comes to ask Jadeite about the youma that exploded the mall, and unexpected vulnerability happens.
Semi-Ferals July 27th, 2023 Koji gets grilled about the grilling! Okay, let's amend, Kazuo has some questions. ... this may involve some plotting. At least it's not RomCom Plots this time?
Black-Hearted July 27th, 2023 An investigation into the Black Jades leads to the first confrontation with a Dark General.
Yukata look good! July 27th, 2023 Mio, Coco, Amy, Cho, and Rashmi go Yukata shopping!
Not Dead Yet, Mall Edition July 27th, 2023 Naru continues to make texting Kazuo part of her post-youma sanity regimen! Kazuo is ... helpful. Sort of. And is clearly a GREAT son. No wonder his mother trolls him.
When You're A Fox, You're A Fox All The - Wait July 26th, 2023 In which Wako gains melonpan, Vice President gains fashion, and Kazuo gains no dignity whatsoever.
Survey Says July 26th, 2023 A give-away of an Obsidian-brand product in exchange for a survey! Surely there is nothing suspicious or untoward ab--OH MY GOD A YOUMA, GET IN THE CAR.
Elephant-san July 26th, 2023 Before fight club: What starts out as guidance-counseloring turns into a bickering match turns into Kyouka stalking off and Usagi dealing with heartfelt confessions of trouble from Darien.
Worth singing about July 26th, 2023 Fate ends up getting roped into helping Hinoiri understand dark energy... unfortunately, it means she also gets to learn more about Hinoiri's world. How hard could a song and dance number be, anyway?
Casual luncheon meeting! July 26th, 2023 Cho, Koji, Darien, Ikiko, Chiyo and Niji all end up meeting at the karma chameleon in one of those strange, random encounters that certainly don't mean anything... until they do.
Everything is Okay! July 25th, 2023 Coco encounters Mio at the park while she is selling baked goods. Things are not what they seem.
Training Time July 25th, 2023 Zephyr teaches Francesca The Way Of The Sword and is otherwise a mysterious and enigmatic sifu.
Mazelike Canyons of Confusion July 25th, 2023 In which Naru explains to Kazuo that she's throwing him to the wolves, where wolves are teenagers with super expensive steak. Kazuo is, for some reason, okay with this.
Setting Out Bait July 25th, 2023 Madoka sets out with Kyubey to try and meet others who can see magic. She finds Teresia and Chiyo and they talk about magic things. But... she is not the only one here with an agenda!
In a Summer Daze July 24th, 2023 The end of school and finals leaves a lot of students reeling from the fact that they once again have the freedom of youth and summer. To celebrate, many of them congregate in places like Gullwing Coffee... to enjoy a sweet treat and commisserate. New friends are made, and plans for the future are discussed.
Soda Girl and her Amazing Magical Soda Cart July 24th, 2023 Zephyr, 'Soda Girl' is once more in Mitakihara Ward. Nanoha and Amy come by to buy some refreshing drinks and chat.
Yukata and shared trauma. July 24th, 2023 A late morning, early afternoon in the RHA cafeteria. Coffee, pancakes, egg goo awful and festival plans!
Catching Up, Catching On July 24th, 2023 Sometime after Kokytos, Usagi and Wako meet to exchange information, tease each other about romance, and have a treat. Also? Luna and Vice President are Watching Each Other.
Self-Defense Class 2 July 24th, 2023 Ami, Madoka, and Cho attend self-defense class.
Self Defense 3 July 24th, 2023 Kyouko, Wako and Takuto attend self-defense class.
A Totally Normal Summer Picnic (Or Else) July 24th, 2023 Usagi Tsukino is hosting a picnic, and everyone who happens to walk by is invited. Oh, sorry, not invited - everyone who walks by is attending. Lucky, Ikiko, Niji, Himeko, Molly, and Hotaru are all in a mood to join in! And if anything weird happens - no it didn't. <3
Threading The Needle July 24th, 2023 Following We Three Kings, Hotaru and Takashi talk.
Towering Terrors and Wishful Thinking July 23rd, 2023 Scorn attacks Clover Tower with a towering Terribad! Cure Daybreak, Yellow Pearl Voice, Puella Amy and Cure Tide defend. Kyubey continues to be mysterious.
We Three Kings July 23rd, 2023 What if we villains just all work together for once. And we were school mates.
He Wanted Wawna July 23rd, 2023 Wako comes back from two fights almost in a row and Takuto helps a little with some of the damage. Also snacks. And Vice President.
The Steak is Not a Lie July 23rd, 2023 In the aftermath of Kokytos, Usagi is feeling more than a little beat up. Luckily for her, Darien and Koji are determined to help. Also featuring boundary crossing dads, wagyu steaks, texts from Naru, and the mysteries of boys.
Sweetest Saturday July 23rd, 2023 Nounamu Sweets is open for business! Ikiko and Mie end up there sharing some treats. The odd Mie learns that skewer sticks are not for eating. Ikiko shares her snacks. Chiyo shows off some florist skills.
Check Your Korma At The Door July 22nd, 2023 A group of students and one teacher meet up at Korma Chameleon and get to know one another better. Thanks to Kyubey, many are now suspicious of one another. The new girl Niji is oblivious to the mascot... for now.
Dancing Petals Witch July 22nd, 2023 On the way to the school dance, Madoka finds a Grief Seed. She calls Homura for help, but by the time the fight is over it's too late to make it to campus on time. It's okay though, because Homura makes sure that Madoka gets her dance.
Kokytos July 22nd, 2023 Carbonado attempts his first gambit to collect energy. Then he's ganged up on by a lot of Mahous. At least they're terrified the whole time?
This Really Sucks July 22nd, 2023 Riventon summons a youma that is more dangerous that it looks, which is good because it looks ridiculous, and Cure Daybreak, Yellow Pearl Voice, Snow Agel Mou Foubiki, Amy Faust, and Ginga Otome all respond, fending off Osouji, Riventon, and Firefly; purifying the youma, preventing further damage, and sending the two home largely empty-handed.
Real Friends Help You Move July 21st, 2023 Wako called Kyouka in as Takuto got to the mulchy remains of the plant youma, examinations of unconscious students and theorizing about the attack and the eyes claiming credit followed.
A Fortuitous Meeting July 21st, 2023 Ami meets Usagi Tsukino and Rei Hino while at the library. She gets bullied by a librarian.
When Succulents Attack! July 21st, 2023 A sunny afternoon of painting and fun with learning (ew learning) about succulents at Radiant Heart Academy becomes a battle when ait's revealed as a youma plot! Can Snow Angel Mou Fubuki, Cute Wolf Tsukiko, Ginga Otome, and Puella Magi Red save their fellow students? Can Darien believe his ears when he finds out what the youma's plan was? and can anyone be prepared for the threat that rears it's head when the youma is defeated?
Are The Answers Out There July 21st, 2023 In the aftermath of When Succulents Attack, Usagi Tsukino finally braves the Guidance Counselor's office. Her conversation with Kyouka Inai is not comforting, but it is clarifying.
Office Hours 9 -- Takashi July 21st, 2023 Takashi's in trouble. Only Inai-sensei has a different lesson than he expected.
From distant worlds... July 21st, 2023 Catra and Hinoiri meet and commiserate over how friends are useless and why new worlds are weird.
Getting to know you July 21st, 2023 Mio and Amy have a talk about being Magical girls. Pizza is involved.
Very Melon July 21st, 2023 Catch My Heart! Very Melon! (Very Melon!)
Food Court Chaos! July 20th, 2023 Runealy Waldia and Edelise Albrecht fight Hosshiwa off in a Food Court, also Hinote Kagari is pretty sure it's the world that's insane and not him.
Just Dropping Off Some Paperwork July 20th, 2023 Michiru stopped by the school infirmiry to drop off all her medical paperwork, and Setsuna spent a little time making sure the newest student at Radiant Heart was settling in nicely.
Perilously Close to Heresy July 20th, 2023 Kyouka checks out a rumor about a problem student, and manages to link two of her *personal* problems together. Kazuo ... is not entirely sure if the guidance counselor is secretly a cultist or something.
How Do You Know If You're Out Of Mana July 20th, 2023 After Kyouka's intervention, Kazuo brings his gifts to Naru. Youma Science Club is not actually an RHA-sponsored student group, but that's not about to stop them from trying. (Now if only they knew about the youma part.)
Self Defense 1 July 20th, 2023 At Kyouka's self-defense class, Sailor Moon gets paired up with Trager, aka Hannah Steiner for some Tiara excercises!
Texting with Naru-chan 1 July 20th, 2023 A text conversation between Usagi and Naru about the nature of life, weird, and slightly, the home of penguins.
Roommate clean up July 20th, 2023 Cho and Coco clean up the apartment... and have a nice discussion. About things. Things... may have a long term, massive, effect on their relationship. King meets Princess in this dramatic dorm cleansing adventure!
The Cabin for Gifted Individuals July 19th, 2023 Riventon comes across a strange, abandoned cabin outside the city. Inside, he meets someone who might finally be his equal... at least, in terms of arrogance. Who is this strange girl by the name of Hinoiri and can she really be everything she says? ... Probably not.
Do you believe in magic July 19th, 2023 Amy and Cho have a talk about... MAGIC! Dun dun duuuuuun. Also, neither understands what they are doing or that they are both utterly clueless.
Coffee Doesn't Help (For Once) July 19th, 2023 Kyouka runs into Naru post-mirroring.
The Birds and the Unicorns July 19th, 2023 Hinoiri meets Scorn, the two measuring each other up and discussing totally normal and not at all dangerous topics.
Fixing an Oopsie July 19th, 2023 Amy, Coco, and Mio go to Blue about the mistake of revealing their magical girl identities to each other.
The Soda Card on Main Street July 19th, 2023 Soda Girl has set up in Mitakihara once again. Another pair of Radiant Heart Academy students come up to make a purchase.
Besties or just Estuaries July 18th, 2023 Michiru Kaiou was planning on getting her laps in - and she does that and more when she runs into Ami Mizuno at the school pool. Practice turns into a swim race - and an excellent introduction.
Nice to meetcha! July 18th, 2023 Mio meets Naru, brownies are shared.
Normal Luchtime Conversations July 18th, 2023 Kyouka and Setsuna sit down and have lunch together.
Fizzy Lifting Drinks July 18th, 2023 Caffeinated sugar water is good for lifting spirits. Tori, Takashi, and Soda Girl share a friendly interaction before going their separate ways.
Second Lunch July 18th, 2023 Four girls have lunch on the roof! ... People talk too much.
Not Dead Yet July 18th, 2023 Naru sends a three-word note that gets Kazuo to check in on her. How does one plan to recover from energy drain without knowing that energy drain is a thing? Clearly, the answer is SCIENCE!
Rooftop Lunch -- Curry and Pork Pie July 18th, 2023 Molly finds Rashmi lunching on the top of the school. Nerdery and cultural food exchanges happen!
Disappointed for the First Time. July 17th, 2023 Takashi Agera and Precia Testarossa meet. The discussion becomes tabled.
Roomies! July 17th, 2023 Mio discovers that her new roommate is none other than Amanda.
Cure for the Common Cures July 17th, 2023 Cho visits Aki in her dorm. Problems are discussed. Friends are made! Puns are also made!
A Shoulder To Lean On July 17th, 2023 Takashi calls Darien to come peel him off the table after Precia makes her displeasure known.
Jan Ken Pop! It's punchy! July 17th, 2023 Zephyr is selling soda on a popular route for Radiant Heart students, and meets a couple of them.
The Dreaded Paperwork July 17th, 2023 A routine physical to have Hannah's government records check out results in her very dubious background crumble in the face of one very mysterious nurse! Hannah and Setsuna reveal their true selves to one another, and true allies are gained!
Caffeinated Chaos! July 17th, 2023 Scorn entraps Naru Oksaka in a mirror, and Tadase Hotori, Cho Konishi and Amy Faust stop her and free Naru. Coffees may had been involved at some point.
Good Versus Easel July 17th, 2023 Hotaru happens upon Michiru painting the main office building at Radiant Heart Academy.
Penguin Akanbe! July 17th, 2023 Lamya menaces Penguin Park and Cure Peace, Cure Wukong, Onihime, and Memoriatrix Tourmaline step in to save the day! (CW: Penguins! Clowns! Clown Penguins!)
Catching Up July 16th, 2023 Saya and Madoka catch up on rumours
A Not So Disastrous Encounter July 16th, 2023 Usagi may have hurt her leg after the school dance. School nurse Setsuna may have some remedies.
Free Range Student Sunday July 16th, 2023 Just after the dance, some students converge on a local hangout to just... hang out. Guest Starring: MR. VICE PRESIDENT!
Served Cold! July 16th, 2023 An evil refrigerator youma has holed up inside the Hotel Augusta! It's up to our brave heroes to take it out and save everyone!
Escaping to Responsibility July 16th, 2023 Outside the Summer Dance, Wako finds Kyouka lurking benevolently.
Meeting Miss Meiou July 15th, 2023 Ami wanders into the nurse's office. Not all is as it seems.
Meddling (with) Kids July 15th, 2023 Kyouka calls Usagi with a warning she doesn't want to hear.
Text Me Next Time Plz July 15th, 2023 Kyouka returns a call to Darien after he left a voicemail for her.
The Wall of Angry Wasps July 15th, 2023 What happened when Darien took Himeko over to Kazuo's stretch of wall at the dance. Nobody died! Not even when those who are Not Mahou heard a certain mermaid's song, and reacted ... less than ideally ...
Busy Park on a Summer Day July 15th, 2023 Mio is feeding the homeless and gets some help from Amanda Faust and Yayoi Kise
ReFashioning July 15th, 2023 During the Summer Dance, Chiyo and Usagi sneak off to make up - and to help Chiyo get made up, in a new dress, that is. Surely this can't cause problems in the future.
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
Lost Logia: Digital Chaos July 14th, 2023 A Jewel Seed crashes into an important data center and causes severe chaos before Precia Testarossa sends Fate, Riventon, Firefly and Starfall Omen after it. They encounter Nanoha, Guardian Sukiyaki and The Red Princess as opponents! Riventon seals the Jewel Seed (Number IX - 9!) and gets some alone time with it before it gets into Precia's clutches.
Fashion Disaster July 14th, 2023 Scorn attacks Fairy Drop Fashion and nearly wins, until a new magical girl is born!
Melonpan Mishaps July 14th, 2023 Before Kazuo can catch a rabbit with his trap, there's someone else that the bait is practically tailor-made for. Wako does not get fed. Wako does get a promise for later, at least!
Masks July 14th, 2023 Art Club at RHA is a strangely philosophical place.
I Know What You Did In The Dark July 14th, 2023 (Content Warning!) Takashi and Hotaru move to end an unsanctioned and unsanctionable experiment on their own initiative.
Don't Do That To Me Again July 14th, 2023 Darien is big mad at Koji and says so.
Birds Of A Feather July 14th, 2023 Lana, Takashi, and Michiru attempt to enjoy a quiet lunch. Too bad the birds have something to say about that.
Melonpan Meeting July 14th, 2023 The rabbit trap is baited and sprung! Kazuo and Usagi finally meet, and an understanding is formed.
A total CATastrophe July 14th, 2023 Panicking over what to do with the museum item that Wuwu stole, Cho runs into an unlikely savior... Catra. Fortunately, this super trustworthy and incredibly generous soul agrees to help! And... Cho... believes her.
You're Here to Study July 13th, 2023 The study group comes together! Then ditches Usagi and Darien.
Tea-party shenanigans July 13th, 2023 Hotaru and Yochu have their first tea party! It... goes... well.
Omnomnomnom July 13th, 2023 Naru and Wako get to know each other over snacks.
Time to Unwind July 13th, 2023 A trip to the arcade ends up with Chiyo meeting Ikiko, and the new exchange student, Tori. A few things are revealed about Tori's abilities and magical girls are vaguely discussed. Followed by games, and feeding strays.
Friendship Sweeps In July 13th, 2023 A fateful collision ensues! Makoto Kino was minding her own business when Hurricane Usagi swept in... but she doesn't seem to mind, as the two strike up a conversation and fast friendship.
Medical Magical July 13th, 2023 So, three Puella Magi and an Incubator walk into a hospital...
A Tale of Two Tails July 13th, 2023 Ikuto meets with Catra to show her around Obsidian Tower at the request of Majorina.
Mahou Training - the First! July 13th, 2023 Hannah's magical training session invites curious interlopers, and one very worried Runealy.
Curried Audition July 12th, 2023 Hinote Kagari, actor extraordinaire, meets Prismara Bree Fish-out-of-Water extraordinaire.
Hand to Heart July 12th, 2023 Homura requests a private lesson in close-quarters combat.
Fishy Monkey business July 12th, 2023 Coco and Cho meet as roommates! And, uhhhh... fun into a bit of a... problem. Weird how these things happen, amirite?
Office Hours 8 -- Runealy July 12th, 2023 Runealy stops by Kyouka's office with some questions.
Mirror, Mirror July 12th, 2023 Mio meets Blue, a god of the Earth. He brings along Pin, a fairy who will help Mio in being a Pretty Cure.
Fe-lyin' Around July 11th, 2023 It's a meeting of friends and mascots when Usagi and Luna encounter Chiyo and Bonito on their way to the Animal Care Club! While there, Usagi is surprised to learn that Ikiko can speak to animals - and Luna is surprised to learn that Bonito the Cat can't. In the course of their conversation, secrets are teased and revealed. and friendships grow.
Punches after the Storm July 11th, 2023 A lovely evening in the park, there's only a little bit of punching. It's hard to be a bully amongst this many good guys.
Parfaits and Questioning July 11th, 2023 Naru and Usagi try and explain desserts and games to Prismara Bree. It only mostly helps.
Let the cat out of the bag July 11th, 2023 Catra is... somewhere. She doesn't know where. She does, however, find herself drawn to a strange, weird old crone in green... And into the clutches of Obsidian.
Probably Not A Youma July 11th, 2023 Kyouka Inai goes looking into trouble, to find Kazuo Saitou already in it. These two have way too much in common for anyone's comfort. Possibly especially theirs.
Roomies! Mahou Edition! July 11th, 2023 Hannah's new room mate arrives! Ami and Hannah hit it off pretty well despite, or perhaps because of, their polar-aspected personalities. At least they're both a little weird!
Night Parade July 11th, 2023 Chaos erupts at a museum when someone lets the cat out of the vase.
Currying Favors July 10th, 2023 A small unexpected meeting occurs between Chiyo, Ikiko, Koji and Melona. Food is ordered, bullying is discussed, and in the end things are left in emotional turmoil for several. Melona rushes out with her food. Koji rescues Minako from a bad fall. More confusion ensues.
Dream Kingdom Akanbe! July 10th, 2023 Some magical girls are visiting the theme park when suddenly a dragon girl shows up to give everybody a Bad End! An Akanbe is created and a fight ensues! Will the magical girls win? (Of course they will.)
Interview with a monkey July 10th, 2023 Cho visits Kyouka for advice. Actual advice. Non-magical advice. This may or may turn out poorly for everyone involved.
Time and Space July 10th, 2023 An uncharacteristically distraught Haruka finds her way to Setsuna's office, and a strange connection is formed. Also, Haruka finds 3 things to fall in love with! (they're cars.)
When You're a Newbie Magical Girl... July 9th, 2023 When you're a newbie magical girl, the world is a strange and dangerous place all of a sudden! Even more than it used to be! But thankfully... not everything you're about to face is a bad thing. And sometimes, there are those willing to help you prepare.
Karaoke Confessions July 9th, 2023 Madoka finally has a chance to pull Homura away from her magical girl duties in order to talk, with the hope of making a new friend.
Office Hours 7 -- Wako July 9th, 2023 Kyouka runs into Wako Agemaki on the way out of the grounds after school.
Guan Yu July 9th, 2023 The Deadbeats have tried to erase the history of Guan Yu, turning the noble hero into a villain. However, with the help of other magical girls, and one less magical but still tough girl, she manages to purify the Upbeat and fix one of history's heroes! And get her first sticker!
A Chance Meeting July 9th, 2023 Ikiko meets Tori... but how many people *are* sitting on this bench?
Something about a Lock July 9th, 2023 Amu gets lost in a haunted part of the Club building. She encounters Ikuto and Tadase. Also something about a Lock?
Fast Cars & Schoolgirls: The Nephrite Experience July 8th, 2023 Sports car: Check. Suave talent scout: Check. School full of walking life force batteries: Check and check.
Recruiter, I hardly Know 'er! July 8th, 2023 Club Recruitment season is underway! On a beautiful day, Usagi, Chiyo, Madoka, Ikiko, Koji, and Haruki share an afternoon of club recruitment blunders, successes, and intrigues.
Sayaka, Sis Puella Magica! July 8th, 2023 While on her way to visiting Kyousuke at the hospital, Sayaka makes an unfortunate encounter with an out of control machine. Luckily for her, Sailor Mars and Mallory are there to help her out of this bind! Oh, and she meets a white cat saying she too can be a magical girl and become a heroine of justice!
Office Hours 6 -- Usagi July 8th, 2023 Kyouka goes wabbit huntin', utilizing a strategy laid out by Naru.
The Assembly July 8th, 2023 Amu Chara Changes at the worst time! Her first Chara appears! Tadase gives some info on being a Chara bearer.
A Magical Day at the Library July 7th, 2023 Starfall Omen tries to drain energy from a library using an origami monster! Zephyr Windstar, Hanako and Cure Lovely show up to oppose to her schemes.
Bad Wisdom July 7th, 2023 Kyouko's tracking a familiar that she's hoping will become a witch soon. Unfortunately for her, other magical girls don't have a habit of just letting monsters wander free.
Friday afternoon library time July 7th, 2023 Gentle chatter in the library and promise of future parties and tutoring. But not too many people, five is too much.
Firefly's first villaining July 6th, 2023 Firefly has her FIRST EVER MISSION! It goes... well? Ish? She got to meet sailor V! That was cool!
There Are No Televisions In Europe July 6th, 2023 Madoka and Runealy have a very confusing but friendly conversation.
Of Barks and Friendship! July 6th, 2023 Hannah hosts an informal meet-n-greet-n-bark for the Animal Club! The Hero Club, and one delivery Mahou, joins in on the Friendship!
Odango Tango July 6th, 2023 Chiyo meets Usagi and Darien while working at her grandfather's shop, Nounamu Sweets. A friendship forms between her and Usagi, while Darien gets busted on his crush.
Back Alley Brawling July 5th, 2023 Riventon wants Kyouko's stuff. Mami wants Kyouko to not lose her soul gem, no real reason. Mamoru thinks the 2v1 is dishonorable, really.
Office Hours 5 -- Naru July 5th, 2023 Naru stops by and joins in a plot to capture Usagi for a meeting.
Schools out!! July 5th, 2023 Amu meets Cho. There is a card trick and plans to go to Tokyo Tower!
Good At Lying July 4th, 2023 Koji comes in late this time, and Darien is still the one who gets lectured! >:O
Mars, the Guardian of Fire July 4th, 2023 People are disappearing from the streets of Juuban. Usagi and Luna are on the case, but what role does a shrine priestess play? Could she be one of the Allies they are looking for?
Office Hours 4 -- Darien Shields July 4th, 2023 Darien was out late and gets a lecture.
A Girl Scorn'ed! July 4th, 2023 The newbie Phantom Empire General Scorn attacks penguin park! Magical Girls (and boys) stop her from ruining a hot summer day's ice cream!
Paperwork HOOOOOOO! July 3rd, 2023 Rashmi and Mie swing by the student council office to turn in their club paperwork. Unfortunately, something ominous awaits them... Paperwork.
Office Hours 3 -- Madoka July 3rd, 2023 Madoka gets called to the Guidance Office because she had a rat on her shoulder.
Finding Shelter July 3rd, 2023 After the attack on the beach, a Guardian Knight and their princess find a possible home in a strange new world.
Eating Curry and Spilling Tea July 3rd, 2023 Hoovering up food and studying after a long day, Rashmi gets a front row seat to the one-act dramedy that is Koji, Ikiko, Darien, and Chiyo. Being an inveterate people-watcher, she immediately starts speculating on their inner monologues, not realizing that in at least three cases, that monologue is WACKY WAVING FLAILING INFLATABLE TUBE MAN!
Stop and smell the roses July 3rd, 2023 Hotaru runs into Prismara during an early morning. The two... actually get along. Shorties unite!
Mysterious Transfer Student July 3rd, 2023 A reluctant Hannah, yet another Mysterious Transfer Student, is called into Kyouka Inai's office. Things don't go as expected, Mahou Fight Club gains a new member!
A Strange Welcome July 3rd, 2023 Adora receives an invitation to Radiant Heart Academy, and an introduction to the world she now resides in.
A New Transfer Princess July 3rd, 2023 A new student is a little lost on the way to the gym.
What IS she July 3rd, 2023 No one dies, but Pyrite is going to attend RHA and Hematite and Nephrite are giving her a tour.
Stuck With A Bad Rap July 2nd, 2023 A witch awakens in Mitakihara ward... and a lot of people have made it THEIR problem.
Loose Ends on Weekends July 2nd, 2023 Not everyone has something to do on a cooling Saturday Night. Not even at such a social hub like Radiant Heart Academy. But hey... the dorms have great A/C and plenty of places to relax. It just means sometimes you meet someone who's just not a friend yet...
Stray Cat Strut July 2nd, 2023 Francesca Leon is under attack by a two-headed bear youma! Luckily, Ginga Otome, Sailor Moon, Cute Wolf Tsukiko, Zephyr, and Cure Tide are on the scene to help her - and civilian Rei Hino, who's wandered into a nightmare.
Office Hours 2 -- Kyouko July 2nd, 2023 Not actually in an office, but sometimes field work is necessary.
Firefly's Rebirth July 2nd, 2023 Hotaru needs some help if she's going to be out with magical girls and like... not destroying the city. That means she needs help from a certain Agera-sempai...
What. Did. You. Do. July 2nd, 2023 Koji confronts Darien over certain nefarious acts he's been guilty of perpetrating recently. Follows 5/You Were Not Refreshing and 11/Loose Ends on Weekends.
EGGS! In My Bed July 2nd, 2023 Amu Hinamori wakes up to find... you guessed it. Eggs! She tries to find out what is going on.
Meet Your Mentor July 2nd, 2023 In which Zepyhr finds Francesca trying to hide from her problems and starts the steps towards a whole new magical journey for a lost and confused girl.
Rough Afternoon July 1st, 2023 Takashi and Zoisite lecture Hematite for putting himself in a position to get injured after the events of 'Green With Envy'.
You Were Not Refreshing July 1st, 2023 All Hematite wanted to do was steal some energy for Beryl via horrible fake fake ice cream, but then a bunch of magical girls decided they wanted horrible fake ice cream, not knowing it was fake fake instead of just fake. Featuring Sayaka, Madoka, Sailor Moon, Guardian Daifuku, Kyouko, Hanako, Misery Melon, Kyubey, and Hematite. And also not Gritty.
Hope to Brighten Your Day July 1st, 2023 A Bake Sale, A Soda Sale, A disgruntled General and a new Precure!
Green With Envy July 1st, 2023 The chaos that comes from the first fight on a warm Saturday morning.
A Evening in the Park July 1st, 2023 Mio is selling some baked goods for the homeless and Encounters Hannah and her pet.
Gangsta turf July 1st, 2023 Cho ends up running into Kyouko and wants to talk with her about missing school... unfortunately, it looks like they went into the wrong neighborhood. Oh dear.
Zero Stars, Do Not Recommend July 1st, 2023 (Backscene set pre-Game Opening) Naru straggles in to school the morning after the OSA-P attack. The straggling part gets her some attention. In the ensuing conversation, Kazuo jumps to some very, very wrong conclusions. Naru is at least entertained?
Office Hours 1 -- Homura July 1st, 2023 Homura visits Kyouka's office and has a request.
Title Date Scene Summary
Sun vs Moon August 31st, 2023 An effort to recover a lost skirt turns into a battle for Usagi and Naru when Sunbreaker enters the scene! The fires of hate can't beat the power of two good friends!
Texts: the tutor thing sounded fake August 31st, 2023 Naru was visited by Maxwell Stanton and has questions for Darien.
Magda's Theory of Happiness August 31st, 2023 Madoka asks Magda about her experiences as a Puella Magi as the two of them make the rounds in Mitakihara General Hospital.
Business Hours - Natsu August 30th, 2023 A customer wanders into the Kiseru Lady's shop, looking for a story of Evil triumphing over Good.
Like Confetti August 30th, 2023 Himeko-chan visits Usagi in the dorms, showing off her new form and revealing some of her past. Usagi reacts appropriately, of course - with much friendly affection and upset over the horrors such a little kid has had to endure. Also, there are bandaids.
Just one small problem... August 30th, 2023 Rashmi gets an SOS from a wounded TSAB agent and recovered Chrono, a TSAB enforcerer. Hopefully he won't be too much of a handful.
The Three T's: Training, Tactics, and T-leftovers! August 30th, 2023 While still recovering from his injuries, Chrono decided to give Rashmi a bit of light training; both to get an idea of her capabilities, and Just How Screwed He Is in Pictures. He learns a *lot.*
Swords, sticks and conversation August 30th, 2023 A little bit of very polite stalking provides Naru with a future sparring partner in Adrien.
So I Heard You Have a Cat August 30th, 2023 Usagi tried to escape to the cafeteria to escape all of Luna's talk of destiny and duty, only to encounter the oh-so-pretty Michiru and all her talk of destiny and duty. Poor Usagi just want's to be a middle school girl so much.
A ROOMMATE August 29th, 2023 Hinoiri gets bumped out of her single room to... a nice, albeit shared, room. Ready to murder the little brat who found her way into becoming her roommate, a recent 'friend' makes their appearance... My god. So much pink.
When Maxwell Met Molly--I Mean Naru August 29th, 2023 A destined encounter written in the Stars.
Kappa Chameleon! August 29th, 2023 A simple visit to the beach before school starts up again turns hostile, when a monster steps out of the sea. Fortunately for the people there, an Oni, a Pirate, a Pretty Cure and a Samurai are there to deal with it.
Burns and Mermaid August 29th, 2023 Nurse Meiou gives Coco some treatment for burns the mermaid got from a Witch. Her "allergy" is also addressed.
Chameleon meets Unicorn August 28th, 2023 Double Trouble decides to introduce herself to another member of Obsidian, Hinoiri. From this, the shapeshifter gains a bit of info on the lay of the land... and prepares to take center stage.
Raspberries As A Vegetable August 28th, 2023 Naru texts Kazuo about anti-monster running buddyhood. The conversation is of course utterly serious from there.
Late Night Snack August 28th, 2023 La Crima hunts in the aftermath of Scene 305! She meets Zephyr and Greta!
Bubble And Squeak August 27th, 2023 Where an unsupervised Miya is heading to fix a thing, but she gets distracted from her fixing a thing by being given a different thing to fix: Coco's Bubble Maker!

This story features:

ACTION! People don't stand still! They move! They talk! ADVENTURE! Explore new places! Like Coco's dorm room! FRIENDSHIP! Witness the moment when Coco first met Miya! OTTERS! You know you love adorable animals. Don't lie. CLIFFHANGERS! Will Coco survive her life-threatening predicament?! MATTRESSES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CLIFF! Yes, she will. MYSTERY! What are those mysterious noises from the bathroom?!

STARRING: Coco, Kaori Jira, Miya Sakamoto, and introducing The Elusive Tuna!

Fashionable Expertise August 27th, 2023 Adrien recruits his good friend Marinette to help him pick out clothes for Hinoiri. Nobody knows what the fashionista did to deserve this treatment, but what can you do?
Planetary Alignment August 27th, 2023 When everything lines up just right...
Sincerity and Respect: Black Roses August 27th, 2023 Hematite goes to menace Kyouka Inai. It works as well as can be expected.
End of the world vs boyfriends. August 27th, 2023 Meeting day was a very very busy day. Information shared, people dropping in. Very busy.
Kitchen Nightmares August 27th, 2023 CW: Blood, Violence, Child death. "Life is pain, Princess." -- Mamoru Chiba. A tragic vision of a potential future. There's still time to prevent this dark portent of what's to come, but what does Hematite need to do to adjust course of Himeko's and Zoisite's destinies?
An Unfortunate Presentation August 27th, 2023 Kyouka shares what she has found out about Midnight Tokyo with her trusted allies.
On A No Honorifics Basis August 27th, 2023 Homura Akemi visits Madoka Kaname during her stay in the hospital. Homura learns about the Witches who hurt Madoka, and Madoka learns a bit more about the magical world. They grow closer as friends.
Trouble on the Double August 27th, 2023 When one door closes, another one opens. Double Trouble finds their way into Obsidian tower because Majorina comes looking for them in the Tuscan countryside. The Etherian lizardperson finds themselves much better off by the end of the scene.
Shop Smart... Shop s-- FaM-Mart August 27th, 2023 Mie meets Coco at the FaM-Mart and they strike up a conversation. All in all, it goes well.
Adorning the Dorm August 27th, 2023 Adrien and Takashi meet near Adrien's dorm and discover they're coworkers, of a distant sort.
True Psychic Tales: Stand Alone Complex - Don't Go Into The Caves August 26th, 2023 A Witch is up to their old tricks at the edge of Mitakihara, driving AI researchers and extremely online people to their doom. Three non-Puella Magi respond, and find themselves in a videogame world with a peculiar Witch at its heart.
The Most Distant Outers Commiserate August 26th, 2023 Michiru and Setsuna have a conversation...and together they put together some disturbing facts.
Office Hours -- Nanoha August 26th, 2023 Nanoha comes by to see Kyouka after her friends are worried about her.
Even Tiny Evil Girls Can Make Friends August 26th, 2023 Yochu runs into trouble in Penguin Park when a pair of young boys think she's just a toy robot due to the Veil. Norie intercedes on her behalf, and the two make formal introductions and decide to become friends.
Landmines August 25th, 2023 Kyouka figures that giving weapons to the enemy is fine, if they plan to shoot their own.
Sunny With a Chance of Sharknado August 25th, 2023 A sharklobsterman youma attacks the beach! Rashmi, Tsukiko, and Jolly Roger make it feed the fish and then chill with soda.
Unicorn meets Dragon August 24th, 2023 Hinoiri runs into Lamya, Obsidian's resident dragon. The meeting goes... decently.
Lunch of Champions! August 24th, 2023 Hinoiri is taken to get curry for the first time in her life by Usagi and Niji. Rashmi is their server. All in all, Hinoiri is unimpressed, how good could this slop possibly be? ... Then her life was changed forever.
Malleus August 24th, 2023 Strategy session on how to defeat a double-Witch double-Labyrinth double-Feature.
Coffee or tea... chocolate! August 24th, 2023 Chocolate cake and chatter over hot beverages, Naru and Ami discuss hobbies!
Churro Misunderstanding August 24th, 2023 Kyouka calls Homura out to ask a favor. Darien delivers a warning.
The First Reposte August 24th, 2023 A group meets up in the sports pavilion! Adrien is practicing his fencing, Naru comes to practice her staff, Hinote is there looking for sword pointers, and Marinette is lost. New friends met and old friends reunited!
Texts: Should I be worried? August 23rd, 2023 After Scene 300 and the Backlash cutscenes, Mamoru texts Koji and Takashi.
Texts: do you need a hotel room August 23rd, 2023 After scene 300 and Kazuo's Backlash cutscene.
Business Hours - Work Complete August 23rd, 2023 Coffee and laptops in the totally-not-extra-dimensional-bookstore.
It's Just Ghosts August 23rd, 2023 Usagi calls Darien immediately after Scene 300, A Ruinous Pair They Make, and he is at a haunted shrine so there's some disturbing background noise.
Texts: Do you need a cover story August 23rd, 2023 After scene 300 and the August 23rd cutscenes, Mamoru texts Jadeite, Zoisite, and Nephrite.
A Ruinous Pair They Make August 23rd, 2023 Hematite has some questions.
Texts: i lied there is anxiety August 23rd, 2023 Hematite texts Usagi Tsukino, ninth grader and definitely not a magical girl, about warning Kyouka and also about relationship advice, because he is a coward
Welcome Home (Second Take) August 23rd, 2023 Nephrite returns home to find his mansion destroyed. He calls Hematite, and asks for an explanation. Neither of them like the answer, and it only spawns more questions.
Donuts August 23rd, 2023 Kyouka happens upon Hotaru by the donut cart, and buys her one.
So many flavours of magic! August 23rd, 2023 Monsters, magic, photo opportunites! Naru and Wako chat about all sorts of things over coffee and dessert.
The Cosmological Constant August 22nd, 2023 Darien just wanted to talk to Kazuo. Half texts and half scene.
Is There Anyone Else August 22nd, 2023 Koji has some friendship questions for Darien. Also, a beach trip to propose.
Hero Club: Watch Party August 22nd, 2023 Keeping a crowd of kids from Lord of the Flies-ing themselves out of the genepool is an important part of being a Hero, and we will carry out this duty by letting them watch a story about animal gods and humans killing each other.
Rainy day in the cafeteria August 22nd, 2023 Koji, Coco, Greta and Naru chat about food and music and technology and art and secret selves in the cafeteria.
Tutorial Endboss August 22nd, 2023 There's a new enemy in town, a dark witch called Noroima, who inherited the name and power of an unknown sorceress from a few centuries ago. At first, she just seems to want to see what the magical girls are made of. But the second Noroima isn't the only legacy of the first which has awakened ...
Yo ho ho and a.. can of... soda August 22nd, 2023 A pirate comes to procure essential supplies for their next high seas adventure.
Perfect August 21st, 2023 It's not a date. Usagi and Darien go to the arcade.
EVERY sport August 21st, 2023 Reika meets with Niji to discuss conflicting schedules with all of her clubs... unfortunately, she falls prey to Niji's dastardly plot to make her *relax*.
Seaing the Future August 21st, 2023 Haruka and Michiru finally get that date, but of course it's full of tears as they discuss their past lives and their destiny.
Starlight Rendezvous August 21st, 2023 Some cats will do anything to walk on a keyboard.
Texting - Relax August 21st, 2023 Books II: Book Returns.
Texts: the why of 'fire ants in your soul' August 21st, 2023 Takashi and Darien talk about Pyrite and Darien's issues with dark energy
Texts: omg don't leave me on read August 21st, 2023 Naru and Darien talk about Pyrite and aliens and dark energy.
Swords or.. staves! August 21st, 2023 Naru learns about the wonders of fighting with polearms from Kyouka. And a bit of magical philosphy for good measure.
Texting - Butter-Side Down August 21st, 2023 Enlightenment achieved.
Ice Cream in the park August 20th, 2023 Naru, Hinoiri, Adrien, Kyouka and Darien enjoy ice cream and conversations in the park.
A Pirate and a Mermaid August 20th, 2023 Coco catches up with Jolly Roger late into the night.
Steel Horse August 20th, 2023 Haruko Hara has a train to catch.
You Don't Question the Cow August 20th, 2023 Naru and Darien try to define 'mythological beings' for Himeko.
Spooky Moonlight Meetings August 20th, 2023 Tsukiko encounters Jolly Roger after the Sports Pavilion incident and learns the nature of the pirate's curse.
Hunting the Blue Griffin Part 1 August 19th, 2023 Count Otto Bismark von Karstein-Steiner decides the time is ripe to end his pesky niece's life and claim what is his. It almost works, if not for the bravery and selflessness of the mahou at RHA.
Elephant in the room August 19th, 2023 Firefly pet an elephant. Is there any reason to say more?
Business Hours - Kyouka Inai August 19th, 2023 Tea and cookies in the fairy tale bookstore with a definitely-not-a-witch.
Windy Worries August 19th, 2023 Takashi finally gets Darien to stay in one place long enough to be anxious at him.
Summer Clubs are Still In August 19th, 2023 Garden Club is in session! Brief meetings and greetings.
Hoist The Colors August 18th, 2023 A Giant Enemy Crab youma attacks the aquarium. A pirate, a mermaid, an oni, and a monkey king put a stop to it, while La Crima reflects morosely on the way magical girls treat monsters.
Swords or Knives? August 18th, 2023 Naru asks Kazuo about weaponry.
Jason and Naru's Summer Vacation August 18th, 2023 I choose to spend my summer vacation... AT THE LIBRARY!!!
Artful Thinking August 18th, 2023 Reika comes to Yayoi for help with art! Candy makes things interesting while Yayoi deals with Reika.
Texts: I'm Sure Being Short Is Fine August 18th, 2023 Naru texts Takuto to thank him for the loan of Star Sword Emeraude!
Texts: She spilled marinade on me. August 18th, 2023 Zoisite texts Hematite about Pyrite and danger and SAN checks.
Calling Cards August 17th, 2023 Talking about Kyouka, magic, and giant robots on the side of mahou fite club.
Big Bad Wolf Beat Down August 16th, 2023 Greta Legend and Coco (AKA: Yellow Pearl Voice) teach a Big Bad Wolf to back off.
Office Hours -- Miho August 16th, 2023 Miho meets Kyouka, which turns out to be to talk about the events of The Dangers Of Falling In Love.
Perfectly normal Coffee August 16th, 2023 Experiences, nature and power pink fru fru coffee. Hinoiri and Naru have a chat.
An evening discussion. August 15th, 2023 Setsuna and Luna finally get together to discuss what to tell Usagi and the other Inner senshi.
Girl Talk August 15th, 2023 It's time for secrets to be shared - at least, one or two mega secrets, anyway.
Texts: Midnight Tokyo Ice Cream August 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien for information, Darien is annoyed. Film at 11.
Texting - Usagi Would Cry August 15th, 2023 Naru texts Darien about his magic-teaching comments in Everything at Steak.
Duck Emojis August 15th, 2023 PrincessBrideAsYouWish.gif
Life is Unfair August 15th, 2023 La Crima hunts around Radiant Heart Academy again. She runs into Puella Amy! A chat ensues, rather than a fight.
New Perspectives August 15th, 2023 Usagi has something to say to Kyouka, and hopes donuts will ease the conversation. A discussion on the nature of evil, Dark Energy, and how to deal with Darien Shields begins.
Nounamu Sweet: Mochi Mochi Days August 15th, 2023 Nounamu Sweets holds an in store Wagashi making demo. Ren, Miho and Coco show up to participate!
A Tour of the School August 14th, 2023 Coco and Marinette run into each other. A tour of the school ensues
A Portrait of Friendship August 14th, 2023 Michiru invites Hotaru over to her place in order to paint the younger girl's portrait. They get to know each other a little better, but then when Hotaru sees the painting, she has a rather surprising reaction.
Nurses play games August 14th, 2023 To the shock of students, apparently Nurse Meiou not only can exist outside of school, but apparently she can DANCE, too!
Monarchs vs Monarchy August 14th, 2023 Starfall Omen creates a swarm of butterflies to sneakily drain the energy of the people in Penguin Park. When things go wrong, she panics, and uses the butterflies to create a Perfect Bit. Runealy and Loretta are in the area and defeat the youma, claiming a portion of the energy it gathered.
Homework and Worries August 12th, 2023 Hannah and Ami get some quality studying time in, and catch up with each other's lives!
Revenge Is Cold. Coffee Is Not August 11th, 2023 Haruka asks Michiru over for a date, but Setsuna crashes, and the two Senshi reveal themselves to one another _and_ Haruka! It's tough being a teenager with a destiny.
Trial by Fire August 11th, 2023 Sunbreaker is annoyed and decided it's EVERYONE else's problem. Rashmi and Molly disagree.
Two girls, two wheels, all danger August 11th, 2023 Hinoiri is trying to learn to drive with the tools she can currently access without dying... a scooter. Hannah 'helps'.
Melancholy and Magic Secrets August 10th, 2023 Naru meets a melancholic Yellow Pearl Voice and hears her out on what is troubling her. At the same time, she receives a lesson on how the magic of the seven pearls and that of the Panthalassa clan works.
Le Cirque qui Brule August 10th, 2023 A witch's labyrinth lurks in Juuban, inviting the unwary to a circus where the shows flametacular ending never stops. Officer Usagi is on the case - and before she knows (or agrees to it) is joined by The Red Princess, Puella Red, Yellow Pearl Voice, and Trager des Blauer Greif. The civilians Madoka and Hinote are drawn into the drama as well, and meanwhile Haruko gets a Witch's Kiss - can all this really be wrapped up in one thirty-minute episode of Radiant Heart Academy?
The Path of Website Creation is a tough one August 10th, 2023 The student council has run into an issue with a new project. Fortunately, they are able to reach out to some students for help. In this case, Koji. Can Koji get the site working in time, with the assistance of Reika? Probably.
Why's it called a Supercar August 10th, 2023 Haruka takes Setsuna out to Fuji raceway to show her what a supercar can do...our poor nurse has NO idea what she's in for.
Park Penguinanigans August 9th, 2023 Miho has a momentary accident with her bike. Fortunately, she meets a couple of other people in the bargain!
The Phantom Tollbooth August 9th, 2023 This here dark spooky passageway is a toll dark spooky passageway. Also, hugs, monsters, and The Haunting Of Hill House references.
Those left behind August 8th, 2023 Mami and Hotaru go to the local shrine to make offerings and offer their prayers. However, this meeting seems to, perhaps, be something more. A meeting of two Tomoes... Though neither knows what it could mean, both take it as a good omen and a chance to meet a new soul.
Sound of Sea And Sky August 8th, 2023 Haruka finally tracks down the girl with the ocean for hair that she met at the dance, and remembers that names and cellphones and flirting all exist.
No Rest August 8th, 2023 In which a girl gets princess carried by another girl! Shock! Gasp!
Forever, With Fireflies August 7th, 2023 For some reason, Naru wandering off at the cookout makes a couple of people nervous. Especially when she doesn't come back. Nothing happened! ... she thinks. (Hint: Naru is not the best judge.)
With Me August 7th, 2023 Darien finally has a moment to recruit Kazuo.
Mitakihara Nights August 7th, 2023 Riventon is out looking for a little bit of a late night snack, but so is La Crima, and it leads to a short conversation.
Everything at Steak August 7th, 2023 The long-awaited wagyu beef cookout!
Home Is Where Your Radiant Heart Is August 7th, 2023 A new student arrives at Radiant Earth Academy. Chiyo volunteers to show her around.
Office Hours -- Coco August 7th, 2023 Coco stops by Kyouka's office to discuss missing a previous class.
Cho and Coco Converge at the Coast! August 7th, 2023 Cho and Coco spend the evening swimming together at the beach. The two have lots of fun and nurture their friendship with entertaining activities and enjoyable talk, ending it all with a birthday party for Coco at their dorm room.
Maximum Mahou Mall Mayhem( August 6th, 2023 A chance encounte in a mall, has Hinote getting more answers than he bargained for. What will he do with this information going forward?
The Games We Play August 6th, 2023 Three girls enter a game shop, but only one can come out on top... of the scoreboard, anyway. Hinoiri, Niji, and Usagi meet for the first time in the field of digital battle (and the real world).
Rice and Curry August 6th, 2023 A meet up of magical mahou at Korma Chameleon. After a little poking around, Ikiko, Wako, and Chiyo all realize/reveal they're magical girls. New friends and allies found and information exchanged for the future!
Starfield Jellyfish Exhibition August 5th, 2023 The Aquarium runs a one-day special event featuring a rare breed of Jellyfish. The problem is that the Jellyfish are part of a youma. A huge mess is made, a doll and a vampire are made sad, magical heroines save the day, and Zoi walks away with bonus intel. RIP Ted, you will be always remembered.
Tori's Important Mission August 5th, 2023 Tori embarks on her most important mission yet: befriending Fate Testarossa over ice cream.
Two Senshi for Dinner August 4th, 2023 Makoto and Ami meet up in the cafeteria, and make friends with one another. Red bean buns are exchanged, and plans for baking are made.
Games and Gals August 4th, 2023 On a casual summer afternoon, Usagi and Minako get to know each other over a few rounds on Game Crown Arcade's finest titles.
What Makes You Smile August 4th, 2023 Norie runs into Mie at the FaM-Mart. A Discussion ensues!
Welcome Home (First Take) August 3rd, 2023 Bombshells and shots in the Starlight View Mansion.
Countdown To Midnight August 3rd, 2023 Preparations are made to advance the Midnight Tokyo Project ahead of schedule, and a new Dark General is recruited.
The Dangers Of Falling In Love August 3rd, 2023 When you fall for water, the only way forward is down.
Yukata ready! The Fireworks Festival August 2nd, 2023 A group of friends, both old and new, spend the evening having fun together, among colourful yukata, tasty food, various games and splendid fireworks.
Texts: I'm Erasing This Convo August 2nd, 2023 Darien is worried, and makes Koji worried too.
Brave New Meal August 2nd, 2023 What is this thing you call 'fast food'?
Ghosts of Summer Break August 2nd, 2023 Himeko visits Kyouka's office during what it supposed to be summer break.
The Best Interests Of Everyone Involved August 2nd, 2023 Kyouka wants to warn Kazuo about Darien. Kazuo is still not convinced Kyouka isn't a cultist. This is going to go well for everyone! Well, maybe for Vice President.
A Pitch August 1st, 2023 Ren and Chiyo run into each other during a snack run. Though he's not successful in recruiting her into the baseball club, Ren is happy to have Chiyo as a new friend anyway!
You Can, In Fact, Make Friends without Breaking A Few Legs. August 1st, 2023 Today is a big day for Hannah. Today is a day she reveals her reasons for being on Earth, of the pain in her heart, and her need to reach out to others. And there is lunch.
Just a small favor August 1st, 2023 Firefly wants to ask the Ginga Otome, an enemy, for a favor for her senpai's birthday! It goes... astonishingly better than expected. Also Tiny Wawna and Tiny Tauburn are excellent.
Magic Basics, or 'How I stopped worrying and learned to love the CLAW STINGER!' August 1st, 2023 Magic Combat 101, Zephyr begins teaching Francesca the basics of magical combat with Barret practice.
Birthday Conspiracy August 1st, 2023 Hotaru and Darien discuss both when Takashi's birthday might be and what to do about it. Absolutely zero hijinks will ensue.
Title Date Scene Summary
Payment Due September 26th, 2023 Sunbreaker decides to pay Naru a visit... for actually perfectly good and reasonable reasons. After that, a steady stream of totally unrelated guests pop by to keep her company.
Light Conversation September 26th, 2023 Naru, Hematite, texting, and the roof of the Hotel Augusta. PRO TIP: Conversation is not light at all.
Questions and souls September 26th, 2023 Naru has some questions for Kyouka about souls and witches and the stealing of them.
Roommate Break September 25th, 2023 Adrien decides to finally check out Korma Chameleon! Running into Makoto Kino he invites her to join himself and Naru for dinner which turns into an entire dinner party when Usagi and Darien join in.
Texts: hey do you have more than one ghost September 25th, 2023 Kyouka has some questions for Darien after talking getting info on Nezu Shrine.
Texts: The prehensile-hair ghost September 25th, 2023 Takuto sort of fills Kyouka in on Nezu Shrine.
Men, Kote, Do, Tsuki. September 25th, 2023 In the wake of something emotionally destabilizing, Amy Faust finds herself cornered in one of the sports club storage rooms. Hilarity ensues.
Nezu Shrine September 24th, 2023 An investigation into one of the shrines of Tokyo turns quickly into a fight with a ghost.
Cafeteria Hours -- Makoto September 24th, 2023 New student Makoto Kino catches up with Kyouka in the cafeteria to ask about Self-Defense Class.
Speak Low If You Speak Mahou September 24th, 2023 Homura gets a visit from two mascots at once: Kyubey and Gretchen. Each of them has something important to tell her, but they both use guarded words. One battle has been won, seemingly by sheer luck, yet there are many more on the horizon.
I'm Glad You're Here September 23rd, 2023 Makoto Kino meets Darien Shields again for the first time.
The Tale of the Tape September 23rd, 2023 Mio finds a self defense video that is absolutely worthless. She then encounters Adora who agrees to help her learn to fight!
Princess, Princess September 22nd, 2023 Usagi and Kyouka meet to share info and dish. Europe has more than one country, right?
We Threw Gasoline on the Fire September 22nd, 2023 Steel Barrier Match, no holds barred! Hannah and Hematite, FITE! And then Koji and Coco, HEAL! Yikes.
The Definition of Subtle September 22nd, 2023 Homura and Kyouka meet up to exchange information, and continue their track record of being very bad at being subtle. Madoka co-stars as the (very sweet) interruption.
Kind of Unfair September 21st, 2023 In which Wako purifies Hematite. A little.
Days of Our Outers Episode 489: Setsuna Has a Boyfriend September 21st, 2023 Following the events of 'Laugh it up, Space Boy', Michiru and Haruka come back home that evening to find Chrono and smol Setsuna passed out on the couch together. The teasing will be remembered for ages.
Laugh it up, Space Boy September 21st, 2023 After Chrono has a bit of an existential crisis, Setsuna meets with him following her OWN...small problem...and attempts to help him cope. Literature is involved.
Texts: Mood Swings September 21st, 2023 Usagi, Mamoru, Naru: A rose throw, arm day, and dark energy. First convo happens the night after Subsidaries, second convo happens the day after Subsidaries but before Feat of Clay.
A Small Visit To The Nurse's Office September 21st, 2023 Amy returns to the school nurse's office for supplies and to find out what Nurse Meiou knows about magic. She finds a small surprise... and she and Setsuna do their best to make each other feel better about their situations.
Office Hours -- Momo September 21st, 2023 New student Momo Sasaki stops by Kyouka's office to get some advice, Naru assists.
Honestly This Was To Be Expected September 20th, 2023 Darien and Takashi, brothers in all but name, have a fight after 'Subsidaries'.
Subsidiaries September 20th, 2023 CW: Horror, potat. Some of the scariest people on the planet visit someone who has chosen to cheat Obsidian. He has chosen... Poorly.
Unbearable September 20th, 2023 Kureha can't bear to stand on the sidelines. Hinata bears witness. Rashmi can bearly contain herself. Erika unearths bearied friends. Veronica exercises her right to bear arms.
Adult Beverages September 20th, 2023 Kyouka runs into The Kiseru Lady at a local bar one evening.
Espresso delivery! September 20th, 2023 Adrien stops by Naru and Usagi's room with fresh espresso and good advice. Conversation ensues.
Princess and the Moon September 20th, 2023 Sailor Moon and the Princess of Europe meet in the Forgotten District. A miracle - and a general - are discussed and an alliance made.
Pablum Music September 19th, 2023 Hematite, Naru, philosophy, and a youma with a guitar. Go.
Radiant Infirmary Episode 463 September 19th, 2023 This time on Radiant Infirmary...a mahou in need of some records comes in. Nurse Meiou manages to help him out and dispenses some classic strategy advice.
Art revelations September 19th, 2023 Veronica visits Naru in the Art Club room and Naru learns all sorts of things!
A Wish By Any Other Name September 19th, 2023 Madoka Kaname thinks that she's lost her potential, but is that really what happened? Two Chara Eggs are born from her heart, and they both quickly turn into X-Chara. One flees the scene before Amu and Tadase can show up, while the other stays to fight and gets purified. Before everything can be fully explained, they all have to go to class.
Knifin' Around September 18th, 2023 Wako and Naru ask Kyouka for some advice about knives during self-defense class.
Collecting Long Stories September 18th, 2023 Koji stops by to visit Naru after both of them return from 'time away' and chat about magic, and life and a desire for normalacy.
Us Foreigners Need To Stick Together September 18th, 2023 Dianora spots Adora in the cafeteria at dinnertime and introduces herself, quickly making friends with our fair heroine and setting the stage for future mischief. Double Trouble really does love messing around with Adora and Catra.
I Come to Parley September 17th, 2023 Princess Runealy spots Hematite and Pyrite in the park and they discuss miracles, the Dark Kingdom, and the fact that cats can't possibly talk.
A pirate, a samurai and a thief walk into a hotel... September 17th, 2023 Jolly Roger and the Shadow Shogun follow this weird noise surrounding the Hotel Augusta. There, the two of them end up teaming up with the Princess of Sarek to defeat the youma responsible for all the chaos.
No Goats About It. September 17th, 2023 Ami Mizuno gives Naru Osaka a relatively clean bill of health after the events of her kidnapping.
Gacha Goners September 17th, 2023 A teacher at Radiant Heart Academy gets akumatized into the Gacha Villain Highroller and starts turning students into in-game currency - but luckily, a whole host of magical teens comes to the rescue! This won't turn out as well as Highroller hoped.
Radiant Infirmary Episode 432: Burns in the ward. September 16th, 2023 This time on Radiant Infirmary...a mahou comes in suffering from a Dark Energy infection. But with the power of memories and magical confections, Nurse Meiou is able to heal her.
Questions from a fish to a bunny September 16th, 2023 After lots of thinking about Naru's supposed trip, Coco transforms into Yellow Pearl Voice to seek to understand from Usagi why she sought to cover up Naru's disappearance, thinking the buntailed girl could have already known about Sunbreaker
Pool meetings of the supernatural September 16th, 2023 The staff of the local swimming pool venue does a bad job with Coco's reservation and Kaori stumbles on the swimming mermaid. However, the kaiju and the mermaid hit it off and have a nice chat.
Coffee Beans September 16th, 2023 Darien goes next door to borrow coffee from Adrien, but meets Chrono instead. There is espresso and frank discussion of the dangers of dark energy.
Silver Crystal: Clock App September 16th, 2023 Hematite needs help making a video, and Madoka kindly obliges. Yikes.
Stealing from the Celestial Fairy Realm September 15th, 2023 The attack on heaven begins! Facing off against the guardians of the fairy heavens, can the heroes gain the immortality peaches for Yellow Pearl Voice? Perhaps!
Out of Bounds, Grotto with Bonds September 15th, 2023 Miya meets Coco in her mermaid form at a grotto. Despite Coco not being able to reveal who she is, the two of them enjoy a nice chat
Candy Shop Chaos September 14th, 2023 Who is the handsome boy in the candy shop?
Texts: Hamster ball of goodness September 14th, 2023 Naru texts Wako to thank her for her role in the rescue
Texts: Thank you September 14th, 2023 Naru texts Coco to say thank you for the rescue
A Bad Future! September 14th, 2023 Scorn and Lamya have a disagreement and fight over it. Puella Amy, Yelliw Pearl Voice and Cure Tide have to deal with it!
Texts: the knife is very happy September 14th, 2023 Wako and Takuto text about kendo and Sugata after Wako talks to Kazuo
Probably-Not Friends in Definitely High Places September 14th, 2023 As promised, Kureha meets Rashmi on the roof of Radiant Heart Academy for lunch, and both girls learn a lot about each other. Could the Medical Miracle's shell be cracking, just a bit?
Text: Discussing Firefly September 14th, 2023 Usagi reaches out to Michiru after hearing Riventon is putting out a no-contact request between the ocean Senshi and Firefly.
Lend Your Ear To Someone September 14th, 2023 Kazuo returns the borrowed saber to the Galactic Maiden, who turns out to be ... the girl with the fox that stole Kazuo's sunglasses. Sometimes melonpan is an unexpectedly good investment. Especially when Kazuo has other questions for Wako. Wako has answers for Kazuo. And Wako also has homework for Kazuo. Lucky Kazuo?
Texts: If I was missing September 14th, 2023 Naru and Himeko text about abductions and adoptions.
Texts: The Prince of High School, Vol. 13 September 14th, 2023 Mamoru's phone is a little busy today. What with Naru wanting him to relay messages. And Takashi having a quibble with a senshi. And Usagi fussing. And ... Luna? And a DATE?
Limitations September 14th, 2023 Kazuo has a favor to ask of Kyouka. Kyouka has an answer and advice. For once, Kazuo is willing to admit it's *good* advice.
Flower Arrangements and Sweets September 14th, 2023 Chiyo sees a wandering Veronica and offers her some help with the clubs' arrangement. Meanwhile, Veronica helps Chiyo move some flowers vases from a room to another. The two girls then decide to visit Chiyo's shop (continues in scene 421).
Strawberry Blender Sneak Attack September 14th, 2023 Michiru goes out to find trouble, and she finds way more than she expected. Firefly has a new glaive, and it sure does look terrifyingly familiar!
Coming Off The Bench September 13th, 2023 Rashmi and Chrono finally learn what happened to Koji after the events of 'Digital Divide' and meet the person who saved his life, as well as her secret identity. A discussion of the repurcussions of secrets, and telling truths ensues.
A Fresh Kappa September 13th, 2023 A Mysterious Figure(tm) sends a youkai after Kureha. Passersby just happen to be magical girls. Erika gets smashed off a nice Kyoto Punch.
Texts: I Will Just Call You 'Coach' September 13th, 2023 Checking up and checking out.
Coffee, pastries and heavy conversation September 13th, 2023 Morning after coffee and conversation between Naru and Kyouka and Darien.
Goodbye, Elephant-san September 12th, 2023 Koji and Mamoru clear the air. A lot.
Written In The Stars (Third Take) September 12th, 2023 After the end of scene 410 and concurrently with scene 411. A destined meeting beneath the stars.
How It Ended September 12th, 2023 Sailor Moon gathers her friends together to launch a rescue for Naru! Unfortunately, things won't always be as simple as they may hope. Can the power of love, friendship and a warehouse filled with sparkles save the day? Hopefully! Tune in to find out!
Helping (and asking for same) September 12th, 2023 Kyouka and Hematite watch Naru's rescue from afar and offer advice via comms. Jadeite arrives later and has a heart-to-heart with Hematite after Kyouka departs.
Office Hours -- Greta September 12th, 2023 Greta gets called in to speak to Kyouka.
Theater and Televisions September 12th, 2023 Hinote Kagari meets Runealy Waldia under more pleasant circumstances.
So We Go Forward September 11th, 2023 After Double Trouble impersonates Naru and before Pyrite asks to meet Sailor Moon, there is comfort and reassurance in the middle of the night.
Portal to the Celestial Fairy Realm September 11th, 2023 The first part of the attack on fairy heaven! Amy and Erika take on one of its defenders as the others head on to grab the peach, can they hold out long enough for the others to get back or, incredibly enough, even defeat Nene, the incarnation of Nezha?
Error 404 Witch Not Found September 11th, 2023 A princess' fruitless search for a vanquished monster leads to Homura and Madoka offering valuable information on the nature of Puella Magi, Witches, Kyubey, and Wishes before sharing time with each other.
Upgrades and Preparations September 11th, 2023 Takashi's got new parts, which means new upgrades for Luminous Titan! And a discussion about Firefly's Future.
How it's going September 11th, 2023 Not well. Not well at all.
Sailorphone September 11th, 2023 Pyrite needs to meet with Sailor Moon because she has an IDEA.
Texts: I understand. September 11th, 2023 Hook me up with the Moon, bro. Prelude to scene 406.
Definitely Not Naru September 11th, 2023 Double Trouble shows up at Naru's & Usagi's room for their debut performance as Naru Osaka. It does not go well. What kind of girl has a pre-determined test for if their roommate is an impostor?!
Flour for the Rumor Mill September 10th, 2023 Chrono and Rashmi decide to visit Setsuna with a gift of AMAZING food! Then they discuss shared fiction... also, dragons. Dragons are real.
Bringing Down The House September 10th, 2023 The media (both social and traditional) are all over Makuga Finn, the latest musical sensation; the idol's first song can be heard everywhere, and she is going to start a live tour soon! As a promotional stunt, many students at Radiant Heart Academy can easily get a discounted ticket for her inaugural concert, or even win them at some game.

Makuga is about to make her debut, and as everyone knows, it's a debut only if it comes from the Debutante region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling first day on the job; unable to afford such a fancy imported introduction, Miya Sakamoto, your friendly neighborhood unpowered human, has to settle for the latter: today will be her first day on the job as staff for the concert.

What Miya doesn't know yet is that 'first day on the job' is going to take on a very unexpected meaning for her.

Texts: i dont need you to validate my morality September 10th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien about Nephrite being an alright dude
Beginner training September 9th, 2023 Chrono takes Rashmi outside of the city for special training, showing all of the chill and restraint he is known so widely for. It goes well, all things considered.
The Witch That Ate Tokyo September 9th, 2023 A foot chase across the neighborhood results when a Witch is on the run.
Checking In, News Gained September 9th, 2023 Following Naru's kidnapping, CHiyo Sakai comes to check in on Usagi and Luna. Partway through, a few texts change the mood: there's hope for Naru yet.
Sharing is Caring September 8th, 2023 Riventon manages to find Naru, after her capture by Sunbreaker. He doesn't set her free, but their discussion is interesting to both parties.
Texts: Ghost Writer September 8th, 2023 A ghost is used to pass along messages.
Crying bunny and uncomfortable unicorn September 8th, 2023 Hinoiri runs into Usagi, grieving over the disappearance of Naru. She... offers some advice and tries to cheer her up. Not that she was responsible for any of these hurts or anything. Nope. Not at all.
Preparing to Take the Stage September 8th, 2023 Double Trouble arrives at the secret mountain cabin where Hinoiri has Naru stashed. They've got one conversation to learn enough about Naru to pretend to be her, so they're honest and appeal to Naru's better nature. They find her to be surprisingly cooperative with the plan. It almost makes them feel _bad_ about how they have to leave her at the end.
Written In The Stars (Second Take) September 8th, 2023 Takes place following scenes 382 and 389. Special Agent Nephrite and Lady Wears Sunglasses At Night continue their search for the missing Naru Osaka, narrowing down the possibilities...
Written In The Stars (First Take) September 8th, 2023 Nephrite and Kyouka team up to search for Naru Osaka and her captor. Takes place a couple hours after Scene 382.
Hello Mister Agreste September 7th, 2023 Chrono meets his new roommate. Rather than HIS mind being broken, he breaks Adrien's. It's kind of fun, he sees why people do it to him.
An accomplice September 7th, 2023 Hinoiri... has to ask for help. Even if she tries to deny it, rationalize it and accept it. Still... she gets it.
How it started... September 7th, 2023 Naru wakes up. Sunbreaker TOTALLY has all of this under control. Totally. Yup. Definitely.
Texts: technically i only agreed not to get set on fire September 7th, 2023 In which Kazuo checking in with Naru's roommate after Naru misses their morning run prompts an entire cascade of Things, ranging from Usagiflail to Bad Ideas to everything basically hating everything to discussion of Murder Missions (and yet Hannah does not actually appear in this log!) to Kazuo getting handed almost all of the things he was carefully trying to duck having stored in his head. (Strong language, mostly between Kazuo and Kyouka.)
Pretend midnight visitors September 7th, 2023 La Crima comes to visit Sunbreaker and finds a drained Naru instead. Conversation ensues!
Tasty Soda Acquisition Boy September 7th, 2023 Two TSAB agents meet and exchange information. Also soda.
Of Wolves and Time Bumps September 7th, 2023 Coco and Greta meet up at the botanical gardens, talking about various hobbies and events.
New acquaintances between acting, singing and takoyaki September 7th, 2023 Dianora and Coco meet each other when going out to eat takoyaki for lunch, and the two of them get acquainted as they discuss their respective passions.
Snapping One, Two, Where Are You September 7th, 2023 Following Scenes 376 and 380, Hematite, Sailor Moon, and Nephrite put their heads together to try and find Naru. Well, they try to, anyway. Hematite's the only one getting useful information so far. Also including: booster seats, tears, and Nephrite's surprisingly masterful craftsmenship.
Fights We Didn't Start September 7th, 2023 Usagi and Darien arrive at Kyouka's office to learn the details of Naru's kidnapping by Sunbreaker.
The Blue Griffin's War Room (Slot Two) September 6th, 2023 Hannah gathers yet more of those closer to her at the Hotel Augusta in order to explain why she almost ended up dead, and Tharkadian Politics come to Earth.
Icecream encounters September 6th, 2023 Kaori and Amy have an encounter; a fight with some thugs helps cement it as a good one.
Texts: Kidnapping O'Clock September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and between scenes 380 and 382, Hematite texts Riventon for help. Riventon texts Sunbreaker for answers.
Texting: Naru Needs Help 2 September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and between scenes 380 and 382, Usagi Tsukino texts Wako Agemaki for help.
Texting: Naru Needs Help 1 September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and during scenes 380 and 382, Usagi Tsukino texts Chiyo Sakai for help. She gets a promise of support and a lead.
Narubreaker September 6th, 2023 Sunbreaker decides to have a little talk with Naru. Totally friendly. Not at all dangerous. But things might get a teensy bit out of control... Luckily, Kyouka can help, right?
Familiar yet new September 6th, 2023 Sunbreaker takes Double Trouble and La Crima out for a bit of villain's night out. A little dusk monster, a little fight with local wild life and a lot of dark magic. They even each get to take home a wonderful prize each.
Korma Call September 6th, 2023 Nanoha Takamachi stops for a bite to eat the Korma Chameleon. She meets Rashmi and Chrono--- and finds out Yuuno is a boy. Not a ferret. o.o
Texts: Black Flame and Brain Weasels September 5th, 2023 Naru checks in with Kazuo after her first encounter with Sunbreaker. Her reward for survival might possibly be free blackmail material.
Texts: dumpster fire September 5th, 2023 Mamoru texts Takashi about fries and wasps and relationships.
Texts: Likeable Liability September 5th, 2023 Naru and Hematite/Darien text surrounding scene 371 (Fries and Diet Coke).
Respect your elders September 5th, 2023 Chrono heads to RHA and meets with the headmistress to discuss... his enrollment. She seems nice. They work out his stay there, even.
Phoning A Friend September 5th, 2023 In the aftermath of 'No One Sleeps In Tokyo', a heavily wounded Koji has to face what his own choices have gotten him into, and it's up to Hanzo to finally do what his Master can't... ask for help. And like a ray of sunshine, Chiyo Sakai arrives. Both have to reveal secrets, but in doing so, a friendship is strengthened.
Prodigal Return September 5th, 2023 Chrono returns to the Terios household and tells them everything... well. Everything he can. He also tells Rashmi exactly what is at stake, what she's signing up for... and that things are more serious than he let on. It look like it'll soon be time... for some befriending.
Fries and Diet Coke September 5th, 2023 The Dark Kingdom hangs out at the mall.
Counselor September 5th, 2023 Rashmi shows up for her appointment with Kyouka with a different agenda than the one she's initially had; right now, she just needs to know how Kyouka handled the sudden, severe presence of mortality that comes with putting on the skirt. And Kyouka has her leaving, feeling *much* better than when she came in.
Texting with Naru-chan 2 September 4th, 2023 Following Scenes 366 and 373, Usagi texts Naru for advice on complicated thoughts of murder and revenge.
The Blue Griffin's War Room September 4th, 2023 Hannah Steiner reveals herself and her plight to her compatriots, even as she asks for their help against their Uncle. Failing to push anyone away, she finds true friends and allies.
Puella in the Park September 4th, 2023 Kyouka meets up with Homura to share some info, then leaves while Naru, Madoka, and Magda appear.
Texts: just text me next time plz September 4th, 2023 Kyouka texts Himeko following their dream conversation.
Just Cats Talking September 4th, 2023 Kyouka goes to talk to Luna about some stuff.
Monkeyin' Around September 4th, 2023 The library is where those souls surrendering to their studies find themselves - or, where they still dare to goof off. Cho catches Usagi doing just that, and a bargain over studying blossoms into a new friendship.
AAR- After Action Reporting September 4th, 2023 CW: Child Assault.. Fate reports to Precia after the events of the piece of the Artha crashing out of dimensional space and Hanzo trying to sneak in to gain info about her and Riventon. There are. Corrections.
No One Sleeps in Tokyo September 4th, 2023 Taking advantage of the chaos in the wake of the crash (See Scene 357: Digital Divide), Koji makes to strike back at Obsidian by robbing them of their data. Fate, however, has other things in mind...
Digital Divide September 3rd, 2023 Chunks of the Artha fall out of space time, and everybody fights over them. Also the space police show up. Well. A space police.
A Thorough Belkan Education September 3rd, 2023 After interrupting Device Maintenance-slash-Religiousity, the misunderstanding is cleared and a friend made! Trager-chan gives Naru a very thorough Belkan education!
Arcade and Vexations September 3rd, 2023 On one of the last days before school gets fully back into track, Coco and Amy both end up at the Arcade, taking the opportunity to play together and talk about their respective difficulties adapting.
Back-Alley Aftermath September 3rd, 2023 In the aftermath of Digital Divide, Rashmi heals Greta just enough to wake the poor girl up, whereupon Greta needs answers to big questions she has. Rashmi has... most of them. What isn't confusing, also isn't pleasant.
Breakfast is...served September 3rd, 2023 Setsuna gives an impromptu cooking lesson.
Just a little freetime September 3rd, 2023 Cho decides to walk inside, rather than walking by. Chiyo decides to reach out a hand, instead of playing alone. Together, they do something magical... They get sailor V killed a lot. I said magical, not good.
The Time Is Out Of Joint September 3rd, 2023 The time is out of joint -- O cursèd spite, that ever I was born to set it right!
So Much Locked Away September 2nd, 2023 Darien and Masato have a secret conversation about Naru, mutiny, destiny, and construction work.
The Black Griffin and Riventon September 2nd, 2023 Count Otto recruits Takashi in gathering data on and slaying his Niece! Friendships are /not/ made. Nobles are jerks.
Bruises and bruisemarks September 2nd, 2023 Hinoiri comes back to her dorm room to rest off the beating she got from Sailor Moon. Fortunately, her roommate, Dianora, is there to help provide a caring ear and a pint of ice cream. Such a sweet little thing.
A Watertight Street Show September 2nd, 2023 A magician with her own ends makes an apperance at water park. To her surprise, she gets a welcome team much wider than the one she intended to attract, and ends up having to fight both heroes and fellow beings of darkness.
They Were Roommates! September 2nd, 2023 Michiru has moved into Setsuna's mansion. She's got her own little wing. She leaves the door to her music studio open when she sits down to practice, and thus summons Haruka to her. They are so incredibly in love.
A Shared History September 1st, 2023 La Crima and Noroima meet and discuss some things.
Magic Fight Night September 1st, 2023 After magic fight night, Naru learns more about Device magic from Koji.
Texts: your eviltude is vastly overrated September 1st, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien to make sure he's okay.
Smol Meets Sneaky In The Park! September 1st, 2023 Rashmi takes a still-recovering Chrono to Penguin Park for some fresh air and the exercise of having walked to the park! There he meets Koji, and much of the two boys' pasts is learned. Also, apparently there's a mahou fite class?!
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